Does Menopause Slowly Destroy Your Marriage? Here’s How You Can Survive

Does Menopause Slowly Destroying Your Marriage

Menopause is a tough life phase that affects women both physically and emotionally.

With fluctuating hormones, most women will find the transition uncomfortable. With little communication, their significant other may misread these signs, causing a strain in the relationship.

Most people have little knowledge of the kind of adverse impact menopausal symptoms have on women, which explains why most marriages may become more difficult around this time.

How Menopause Puts a Strain in Your Marriage

“DURING menopause Women MAY lose interest in sex, which if not understood and discussed, will bring relationship problems”

Hormonal changes in women going through menopause often trigger irritability, mood swings, emotional instability, depression, and anxiety. The partner on the receiving end may interpret these changes negatively, causing a strain in the relationship.

Night sweats are a common menopausal symptom and, in some cases, they are severe and unbearable. This may cause frequent disturbances at night. Some women prefer to bring in a fan to cool off at night, which could end up disturbing their partner.

Also, hormonal changes can increase testosterone levels that reduce sex drive. During menopause, women may lose their interest in sex, which if not understood, will bring relationship problems.

How to Talk to Your Husband About Menopause

“Approach him with some facts and gently explain what you are going through During this mid-life phase”

Around this time both you and your partner may have had conflict without any specific explanation. It’s already evident that something is wrong. The best time to approach your partner is when everyone is in a calm mood. Find a time when you are alone with your partner.

Approach with some facts and gently explain what you are going through in this mid-life phase. It’s better to let your partner know of the severe symptoms you are going through and request for support. While asking for assistance, take into account that your partner may have other things causing him stress during this mid-life period.

Make the communication process smooth and your partners suggestions and opinions. This will help the two of you come into an agreement on how to overcome this difficult phase together.

Natural Remedies to Ease the Negative Symptoms of Menopause

Yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation help in reducing anxiety and irritability brought on during menopause. The integrated approach of yoga may help with symptoms such as night sweats and hot flashes. Yoga also helps in maintaining a healthy weight and countering the weight gain that comes during menopause.

Having adequate sleep

Menopause may also bring memory issues. Having sufficient sleep can aid in improving memory function.

Great diet

With weight gain, you might want to double check your diet. Avoid fatty foods that increase weight and cholesterol levels. You may also consider talking to a nutritionist for advice about a proper diet.

Soy and red clover

As your estrogen levels start to decline during menopause, your cholesterol levels begin to rise. Soy protein reduces harmful cholesterol in the body while red clover increases the level of good cholesterol. Including these two components in your diet could keep you healthy during this challenging phase.

Kegel exercises

Most women will complain of vaginal dryness that causes painful sexual intercourse. Kegel exercises help in strengthening the pelvic base muscles and may aid in improving sensation.

Flaxseed oil and vitamin E

Coupling flaxseed oil and vitamin E and applying either directly to the vagina or taking it orally may help in relieving pain and other vaginal symptoms. It should make the transition easier.

Regular exercise

“Menopause and marriage can work if handled with love, attention, and care”

Every age in life requires constant exercise to maintain health. Menopause is not an exception. Regular exercise should keep your bones strong, mood swings contained, and help you maintain a healthy weight.

Women struggling through this stage need constant support. Menopause and marriage works if handled with love, attention, and care.

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