The Top 4 Possible Causes of Early Menopause

The Top 4 Possible Causes of Early Menopause

Early cases of becoming menopausal can be disconcerting. While it’s a totally natural part of a woman’s life, it typically occurs no earlier than a woman’s mid-40s.

For anyone hoping to conceive children, these early cases can be very hard to reconcile with. There are multiple reasons for how they can occur. These are the top four possible causes of early menopause.

These are the Top 4 Possible Causes Why You are Experiencing Early Menopause

“One possible explanation of early cases of menopause is that it’s hereditary.”

The Top 4 Possible Causes of Early Menopause

1. No Apparent Reason

If it feels like you’ve become suddenly menopausal out of nowhere, you’re not too far off. For a solid majority of these diagnoses, there isn’t an explanation. We’ll hopefully reach one with more study, but for now, these idiopathic premature cases are inexplicable.

2. Autoimmune Causes

Autoimmune diseases come about when your body gets on the defensive towards cells that pose no threat instead of invasive things like germs. Different parts of your body can be compromised by conditions like multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and thyroid disease, including your ovaries.

If your ovaries can’t function properly, you won’t be able to menstruate, and thus, you’ll become menopausal much earlier than anticipated.

3. Hereditary

One possible explanation of early cases is that it’s hereditary. While not every woman who becomes menopausal early can trace it another relative, there’s enough of a correlation to make it worth exploring.

The age at which your mother became menopausal is a very good explainer.

Dr. Nanette Santoro explains that it’s typically for there to be only a minimal distance in years between the age you start becoming menopausal and the age your mother did.

However, as Dr. Howard Zacur explains, there’s no telling for sure when someone will become menopausal, and just because your mother started early or on-time doesn’t mean you’ll for sure follow suit.

4. Infective Causes

Studying early menopausal cases has been based in a lot of speculation, so it’s too soon to say if different sorts of infections are culpable in early menopausal cases. If any condition also affects the ovaries, it stands to reason that a woman could end up becoming menopausal early.

For instance, mumps can do damage to the ovaries via inflammation, a process known as oophoritis. Other conditions that may be linked to early cases include malaria, cytomegalovirus, and tuberculosis.

How to Ease the Negative Symptoms of Early Menopause Naturally?

“Some women are able to take hormones that their bodies have ceased creating, such as estrogen, in supplement form.”

Becoming menopausal early can cause you to have a lot of worries. You can’t do anything to fully change the circumstances about what you’re going through. However, you can do things to better cope. Some women are able to take hormones that their bodies have ceased creating, such as estrogen, in supplement form.

There are also menopause symptoms that affect just about all women, regardless of what age they become menopausal. These include hot flashes, which can be treated by keeping cool and hydrated, intense emotions, which can be treated through aerobics and meditating, and dry vagina, which can be treated through applying various medicinal items.

Any strange menopause symptoms should be discussed with your physician. Should you feel emotionally burdened by your condition, get in touch with friends who can relate or talk to someone trained in women’s emotional health issues.

How to Prevent Early Menopause?

“If you’ve become menopausal early, know that you’re not alone.”

Now that you know some of the causes of early menopause, it will help to know how you can keep it from occurring. You can’t change your genes or 100 percent ensure that you don’t get affected by any number of autoimmune diseases, but you can take some measures to not become menopausal earlier than anticipated.

The Top 4 Possible Causes of Early Menopause

The best thing you can do is what you should be doing in the first place: living a healthy lifestyle. This means not smoking, staying active, and eating right. Your cardiovascular condition can be linked to when you become menopausal, so make sure that you’re being heart smart with your diet and keeping your blood pressure low through reducing stress as much as possible.

If you’ve become menopausal early, know that you’re not alone. There are women all around the world who have ceased menstruating a few years ahead of schedule and are learning to deal with it just as you are. We may be in the infancy of our understanding, but the more we examine, the more we’ll learn. If you fear becoming menopausal early, you can learn from some of the preventive strategies.

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