Menopause Belly Fat: How to Get Rid of It for Good?

Menopause Belly Fat: How to Get Rid of It for Good?

How you can tackle the belly fat layer that begins to develop as you approach perimenopause?

“As the estrogen levels in the body begin to drop, fat redistribution starts to occur.”

If you ask any woman which part she least likes in her body, many will see it is their bellies. Bellies, often tend to become an anxiety-provoking part of the body when the extra fat starts to spill over the top of the women’s’ jeans. Although any woman can get a muffin top, it often starts to appear when the menstrual cycle comes to an end.

As the estrogen levels in the body begin to drop, fat redistribution starts to occur. The fat gets redistributed from the buttocks, thighs, and hips to the abdomen area.

What Causes Belly Fat During Menopause?

What Causes Belly Fat During Menopause?

The phenomenon referred to as menopause belly fat occurs due to an activation of the menopausal gene as well as a shift in hormone levels. Changes in diet and exercise routines can also lead to its developments.

When the estrogen levels start to decline, the fat cells located in the middle region immediately begin to store additional fat. In some cases, it can also affect the body’s capacity to burn the extra fat.

Activation of the menopausal gene often leads to the creation of belly fat. The downside for most women is that they often end up gaining between five and ten pounds. This weight is gained within the first ten years after reaching menopause.

Studies indicate that women in this phase will normally notice an upsurge of their intra-abdominal fat. An upsurge in this type of fat has often been linked to elevated cholesterol levels, diabetes, myocardial infarction, and high blood pressure.

As such, a change in the body fat storage options affects more than your physical appearance.

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat for Good?

” Hydrate using water and not sugary drinks. ”

How to Get Rid of Belly Fat for Good?

Sadly, it is almost impossible to shed weight from a certain part of the body. However, this does not mean that you should give up on your quest to lose the menopause belly fat. There are various techniques that you can apply to help you get rid of the unwanted fat in your abdominal region. To achieve this fete, consider the following menopause fitness tips:

Eat Well

Veggies, greens, and fiber are all good for you. These are food items that will help fill you up. Nonetheless, you should note that you are likely to burn through veggies and fruits much more quickly.

Therefore, make it a point to ensure that your snacks and meals contain healthy fats and proteins. According to a post appearing on the Independent, you should try and ingest more soluble fiber. This can be found in food items like flaxseeds, Brussels sprouts, and avocados.


Hydrate using water and not sugary drinks. Water is not only good for your body, but it also provides you with a temporary feeling of fullness. This feeling can help you reduce your meal portion sizes.

But how much water should you drink? The amount of water you need to take should be influenced by your body weight.

How to Stay Fit All the Time?

“consider joining a sports club where you would also get to make new friends.”

Do you know that person who is really fit and never seems to struggle to maintain their body physique? Well, the reason for this may not be in the fact that they have really good genes. It could be because they are committed to performing regular menopause fitness routines. The following are tips to help you stay fit all the time:

Find a Purpose

Menopause Belly Fat: How to Get Rid of It for Good?

According to fitness experts, anything that allows a person to work out while ticking off other aspirations will really help. This is something that will help provide you with additional gratification. The costs associated with performing it will also be higher.

For instance, you can consider cycling or walking to work. You could even consider joining a sports club where you would also get to make new friends.

Keep It Short and Strident

Your workout routine does not need to take sixty minutes. Undertaking a properly structured fifteen-minute workout session can also be effective, especially when you are hard-pressed for time.


You do not have to live with menopause belly fat for the rest of your life. Combining self-love with discipline will help you get started on menopause fitness routines that will help you shed off the extra fat in your body. Respect and strong self-love help you gain a discipline that will make it easier to actualize your fitness dreams.

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