These Hot Drinks Can Help You Ease Negative Menopause Symptoms

These Hot Drinks Can Help You Ease Negative Menopause Symptoms

The menopausal process can be a challenge for many women. You may suffer from discomfort caused by hot flashes and mood swings. In addition, you may feel both mentally and physically sluggish or struggle with weight gain. Below are some Hot Drinks for Menopause that can make the process easier, or at least more manageable.

Top Hot Drinks That Can Help You Alleviate Negative Menopausal Symptoms

“Chasteberry increases dopamine levels in the brain.”

Try the following teas to easy menopausal symptoms:

1) Ginseng, for focus. As puberty was a process that affected both your body and brain, the menopausal process will on occasion tax your mind as well as your physique.

If you struggle with concentration or have a hard time getting quality sleep during the menopausal process, consider a regimen of Herbal Drinks for Menopause. A simple cup of ginseng tea can help you tackle the symptoms of Menopause.

2) Black cohosh, for night sweats and hot flashes. Phytoestrogenic herbs include dandelion and black cohosh. These can be taken daily to help you reduce the discomfort caused by lowered estrogen levels.

Black cohosh is particularly effective in fighting hot flashes and night sweats. Consider having this over ice before bed to help you cool down successfully for a great night’s sleep.

3) Chasteberry, for loss of libido. If you’re suffering from a loss of libido, consider adding chasteberry tea to your supplementation routine.

Chasteberry increases dopamine levels in the brain. Your sex life will change as you work through the menopausal process, but it doesn’t have to be reduced by menopause with the proper care for your body.

4) Red Clover, for better rest. For those who just can’t sleep, adding red clover to your routine can help you to relax, fight anxiety and get back into your regular sleeping pattern.

“If you’re adding Hot Drinks for Menopause to your routine on a daily basis, try to have them before dinner”

It should be noted that this product mimics estrogen in your body. If you’re undergoing treatment for breast cancer, talk to your physician before using red clover.

There are many Herbal Drinks for Menopause that need to be brewed hot but can be enjoyed over ice. Avoid over-steeping teas blended to help deal with menopausal symptoms as they can become overly acidic and may cause stomach upset. Additionally, they may become bitter over time. When adding herbal teas to your daily routine, make sure that they are decaffeinated as caffeine can increase anxiety, impact your mood and contribute to poor sleep.

If you’re adding Hot Drinks for Menopause to your routine on a daily basis, try to have them before dinner, or at least don’t have them within an hour of your bedtime. For some women, hot drinks can trigger hot flashes.

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet During Menopause?

One of the greatest challenges during the traditional menopausal time frame is that women are incredibly busy at this time in their lives. Their children are getting older and more independent, but still need a great deal of supervision to make good choices. Aging parents may need more physical support and monitoring. In addition, many women are moving into the busiest time in their careers and need to be able to focus on professional growth.

“Investing in self-care is critical to undergoing menopause change healthfully.”

These Hot Drinks Can Help You Ease Negative Menopause Symptoms

Eating a healthy diet during this time will take some dedicated planning. Grab and go foods, which are the most convenient, are notoriously high in sugars and white flour. Even fruit, if taken in excess, can contribute to menopausal weight gain.

Consider keeping these items close at hand and at the front of the cupboard or refrigerator to make your food decisions easier:

  • Water: Your water bottle should be the first thing you see when you open the refrigerator. Take it with you everywhere to stay hydrated and keep fiber moving through your system.
  • Raw Vegetables: As soon as you get home from the grocery store, prepare grab and go packets of chopped vegetables for easy snacking. Consider single packs of hummus as a yummy dip!
  • Nuts: low carb nuts such as almonds are a great way to enjoy a crunchy, healthy snack during a busy day.
  • Unsweetened yogurt: Keep up that calcium intake and boost your Vitamin D.
  • Tuna: Boost your Omega-3 intake with a quick and easy snack of tuna and celery sticks.

Final Thoughts

The menopausal process takes time. Every woman experiences this change differently. Investing in self-care is critical to undergoing this change healthfully. Try different herbal drinks to ease the lowering of estrogen levels and work to improve your diet. Most important, take a little time for yourself for a moment of peace and quiet while you enjoy your tea.

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