How Celebrities Deal With Menopause?

How Celebrities Deal With Menopause
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“having open conversations about celebrities and menopause can assure women that they are not alone”

When it comes to the hormonal changes associated with aging, no woman is immune, including Hollywood royalty. A number of celebrities have spoken out about their own experiences, offering words of wisdom for other women who are experiencing the same.

While every woman’s experience is unique, insights on how celebrities deal with menopause may help illuminate a topic that for many remains taboo. There are a variety of treatment options available, and having open conversations about celebrities and menopause can assure women that they are not alone.

How Popular Celebrities Deal With Their Menopause

1. Cynthia Nixon

How Celebrities Deal With Menopause - Cynthia Nixon
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The popular actress, best known for her role on Sex and the City, experienced hormonal changes at the same time as her partner. Nixon embraced the experience and has said that she found a “freedom” that came from no longer being fertile.

“Angelina jolie Says she loved Her menopausal experience because it made her feel more grown up and settled”

2. Lorraine Kelly

For television personality Lorraine Kelly, the experience was more troubling. Kelly has said that she was left feeling “flat” and fatigued, unable to find the joy in anything. Kelly was already on hormone replacement therapy for irregular periods, and when the dosage was adjusted she found that her symptoms improved.

3. Angelina Jolie

The A-list actress’ experience was a bit different from many: she experienced hormonal changes at a much younger age as a result of surgery to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Jolie remarked that “this is a part of life…it is nothing to be feared.” She would later remark that she loved the experience because it made her feel more grown up and settled.

4. Gillian Anderson

X-Files star Gillian Anderson began feeling like “my life was falling apart around me” and was told that hormonal changes were to blame. Anderson found solace in having open and honest conversations about menopause and has called for a society in which these conversations aren’t taboo. She has also spoken about the value of seeking a second opinion when it comes to getting medical advice about coping with symptoms.

5. Bette Midler

“The Divine Miss M” spoke openly about her experience, describing to Oprah the hot flashes and night sweats she dealt with. The singer coped with a soy and primrose oil solution and advises women not to obsess or worry about aging. Specifically, the singer suggests that everyone throw themselves a party for their fiftieth birthday and take some time for self-reflection.

6. Cheryl Hines

The acclaimed actress had no qualms about discussing the painful sexual intercourse and vaginal dryness that she experienced as a result of hormonal changes. Like other celebrities, Hines encourages women to openly discuss these issues and to seek treatment options rather than suffer in silence. Hines says she found comfort in knowing that she wasn’t alone.

7. Whoopi Goldberg

How Celebrities Deal With Menopause

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Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg has spoken openly about her experience, calling it “wonderful and liberating”. Goldberg has said that her sense of femininity had to be adjusted, but that preparing for the sudden impact of menopause can help soften the blow.

“OPRAH Winfrey has embraced menopause as a time to “reinvent yourself” and not worry about focusing on everyone else”

8. Tracey Emin

Emin spoke openly about how she coped, saying that she felt “slightly dead” and encourages women to turn to new things to help deal with the experience. Emin says that it’s important for women to use their minds more by discovering new things and opening themselves up to new experiences.

9. Kim Cattrall

The actress has said that the key for her was being open about the experience and turning it into a positive. Cattrall says that embracing the hormonal changes and being open about it with her friends helped her understand the experience as a natural part of life. She encourages women to educate themselves and not fear the changes they experience.

10. Oprah Winfrey

How Celebrities Deal With Menopause

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The iconic talk show host has discussed aging and hormonal changes openly on several occasions. Winfrey has embraced the experience as a time to “reinvent yourself” and not worry about focusing on everyone else.

Celebrities and menopause may remain a taboo topic, but discussing how celebrities deal with menopause can often be valuable for other women who are struggling with troubling symptoms that can result from hormonal changes. Knowing that there are options available to help is critical, and finding solace in others can help ease the distress that many women experience. Hopefully the topic will continue to become less taboo, and more women will feel comfortable openly sharing their experiences.

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